“Specialists to the Communications Industry”

Cable and Wireless Optus
Design and Installation in GSM sites, Vision Hubs and Exchanges for both Optus Communications and Optus Vision.
Construction of “sandwich panel” prefabricated Node buildings. NCI staff involved in the construction stage, performing tasks for the fit-out of these buildings.
Design and installation of cable path ways (Cable Trays, Conduits and Duct work)
Installation and commissioning of DC power circuits.
Installation, termination, testing and commissioning
RF Coaxial Cabling
Optical Fiber** Category 5 enhanced Unshielded Twisted pair
Sundry communications cabling ** Installation of equipment racks
Installation of Optus telecommunications hardware
Installation of Motorola CCF’s for local telephony.
Installation of ADC fiber guide.
Installation of @ home - High Speed Data project throughout Victoria.
IDTV project - Digital TV rollout project throughout Victoria.

Nokia Australia Pty Ltd
- (Australia wide)
Removal of all power and associated fiber / copper cables.
Removal of all redundant cabinets and transportation to scrap merchants.
Re-instatement to damaged floor areas and site clean up including polished floor area.
Works conducted Australia wide utilizing trained NCI staff for entire project.
NCI were engaged to perform the installation of PTT (push to talk) within Optus & Telstra Exchanges
. This consisted of the following;
Initial site surveys for site readiness.
Installation of AC, DC, Fiber & copper cabling.
Installation of all cabinets & associated hardware.
3G network within the Core / MTX exchanges of Vodafone.
Initial site surveys throughout Australia for site readiness
Installation of all equipment and hardware including preparation of floor tiles for cable access.
Installation and testing of all associated cabling comprising AC, DC, Fibre, UTP, E1, RF etc..
Upon completion and power up of all equipment NCI technicians then commission all DX equipment prior to handover to Nokia systems integrators.

Installation of AC, DC, Fiber & copper cabling.
Installation of all cabinets & associated hardware.
Adds, moves and changes of customer equipment.
Service work and supplementary labour.